Understanding URLs Uniform Resource Locators

Brock Marek

URL (Uniform Resource Locator)

URL (Uniform Resource Locator) - The whole thing, includes a Domain Name plus some other information

  1. Protocol / Scheme - Helps Identify resources without ambiguity.
  2. Host Name - Combination of any subdomain names, second-level domain, and top-level domain.
    1. Subdomain Name - A subdivision of the main domain name.
    2. Domain Name - Combination of second-level domain, and top-level domain. 
      1. Second-Level Domain - This is the name that you will choose for your domain.
      2. Top-Level Domain - The ending of your Domain Name. You can purchase different TLDs to signify different purposees for your domain. For instance ".com" is normally used for comercial purposes to sell products or services. (More on this later)
    3. Path - The directory if any and fiile name.
      1. Directory - One or more folders to navigate through.
      2. Page / File - The final file name to be served.
    4. Parameters - Parameters are encoded information either for or from the user. (More on this later)


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