Moving to Tailwind CSS

Brock Marek

BTM Applications is excited to anounce that, future projects will use Tailwind CSS. Our passion is at the forefront of technology. You can be confident we have carefully chosen the best tools for your needs.

What is CSS?

First one must understand CSS or "Cascading Style Sheets". CSS was invented in 1994 and changed everything. It took us from revolutionary but boring old internet to beautiful works of art. Ever since CSS has been updated with new eye catching features like animations and responsive designs for different screen sizes.

Web Style Timeline

1997 2000 2020
Apple CSS 1997 Apple CSS 2000 Apple CSS 2020

How does Tailwind CSS benefit our clients?

  1. More for less. Tailwind helps our developers manage code and collaborate more quickly.
  2. Unique content created from scratch. Other tools use prebuilt components which results in the same old boring look.
  3. Faster page speed. Pages built with Tailwind load faster than with other bloated tools.

Ofcourse Tailwind kept the good things we have learned over the past 25 years of CSS development.

  1. Built for mobile first, responsive designs.
  2. Utility-First, for quick easy to read code.
  3. Component extraction, for common class patterns.
  4. Designed for customization.

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