Event Ticketing

Sameside brings people together through events to get informed about political issues.

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About SameSide

Sameside is all about political activism through action and education. This goal is promoted through the use of Events, Blogs, and Action.

What SameSide Needed

SportsReelz had an existing design that needed to be integrated into a CMS and made dynamic.

How We are Helping SameSide

We took the existing front end code updated it to be used with dynamic content and integrated it with MODX. we learned from users experiences, questions and needs to prepare for an improved v2 which is now live. Users are able to create free, for purchase or donation events. During the pandemic we also implemented features to handle online events. Hosts of events can use the site to email guests, download guest lists, and edit event information including: croppable picture, rich text description, title, digital links, ticket types and more.

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